Music plays a central role in all aspects of our well-being. 

In these podcasts members of the NHS Borders music therapy team speak to colleagues across the organisation about how music has shaped their lives.

Episode 1: Ralph Roberts ( Chief Executive of NHS Borders) chats with Rory Campbell and takes us on a musical journey. He shares his early musical influences and how his musical tastes have developed over the years.

Episode 2: Cliff Sharp (Medical Director of NHS Borders) chats with Rory Campbell and provides us with an insight into some of his early musical influences.

Episode 3: Morag McQuade (Clinical Director for Dental Services) chats with Rory Cambell and reminisces about her childhood and growing up in the West of Scotland. She shares her musical favourites with us and memories of watching artists perform live at the SEC in Glasgow.

Episode 4: Rory Campbell talks with Peter Lerpinier (Associate Director of Nursing for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Older Adults) about “bits and bobs” and discovers Peter’s musical tastes.

Episode 5: Rory Campbell in conversation with Marie McSherry from Hawick. Marie is a Health Visitor with 32 years service. She chats here about her taste is music, and has a “good blether” with Rory.

Episode 6: Karen Hamilton, Chair of NHS Borders has blether with Rory Campbell about life, music and anything else that may crop up during their conversation.