Over the past two months (despite Covid and it’s ramifications) our broadcasting has been reaching out to a wider audience more than we thought was possible.

We now have streaming from the studio by remote access, and also streaming from a pc in a Presenter’s spare bedroom.

You can ‘Make a Request’ directly from the website to celebrate an occasion, wish someone well, or just ask for your favourite song.

We have added a Listen Again feature, which has a growing library of featured programmes and “Specials” including “Music In Mind”.

Our Facebook group page is attracting new members weekly, and this in turn is growing our listening audience worldwide.

We are now a registered radio station on Radioline, which plays on iOS and Android devices as an app.

Please use our contact page to let us know what you want to hear, what features we should consider for the website and generally let us know what we are doing right.


How we are growing!

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