This week, it is a year since Borders Hospital Radio Service started broadcasting on it’s website 24 hours a day, interrupted in the evening with live programmes from the studio in the Borders General Hospital.

Sadly, with the current lock down because of the Covid-19 virus, we are unable to operate from the studio, but we can still broadcast music on the internet through our website .

With that facility available, it is possible to offer a link with patients in the hospital if they have their smartphones or tablets. This can apply to all hospitals in the Borders and beyond.

They can log in to our website at a prescribed time of day, say 2pm – 3pm and relatives and friends could request a song or a message for them, compensating for the restriction on visiting. There is a Requests button at the top of the home page to make this easy to do.

These requests will be sent via the email address giving the details of who from and to whom etc.

A Special Anniversary

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